Should You Ice After Eyelid Surgery?

Applying ice to the eye area after blepharoplasty helps minimize swelling and bruising by constricting the blood vessels in the area. However, too much icing is not good.

If you ice to the point where the area gets numb, you may not feel if you are damaging delicate tissue.

Furthermore, many blepharoplasty patients find they don't need to take prescribed pain medication to manage their discomfort. If you're not in enough pain to warrant strong painkillers but are still somewhat uncomfortable, try Advil or Tylenol if the surgeon says it's OK.

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  • Leslie Stevens Anonymous
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    There is a more comfortable method of icing after a blepharoplasty that has less of a risk of over doing it. I send all of my eyelid patients home with a package of small gauze pads. Simply soak these pads in a bowl of ice water, wring out the excess liquid and place over your eyes. Patients say this is very soothing post surgery. The gauze can be rotated when they cool down and they will never be too cold to numb the tissues. I do not recommend taking Advil immediately after surgery. Advil as well as other anti inflammatory pain reliever, (aspirin, Motrin, Aleve) interfere with platelet function and can increase the amount of bruising. On average, blepharoplasty has very little post operative discomfort associated with it.

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