How Much Teeth Whitening is Too Much?

We all want the perfect smile and teeth whitening, whether done at home or in-office, definitely helps to achieve that. But how much is too much? Can over-whitening damage our teeth?

“There have been a few studies showing that excessive whitening that is done daily for months at a time can have a detrimental effect on tooth enamel,” explains Los Altos, CA, cosmetic dentist Joseph Field, DDS. Because these products get deep into teeth, using them too often can cause damage where Fluoride is needed to reverse the effects.

When it comes to using our favorite at-home strips and kits, we really need to be diligent about not over-doing it.  “Be careful with at-home whitening as there is a higher risk of sensitivity and damage to the gums,” says Dr. Fields. “In-office treatments can be more controlled and help protect the gum tissue during process.  Additionally, topical desensitizers and remineralizers can be applied.”

So how often should we whiten our teeth? At-home treatments can be used daily but for no more than two consecutive weeks. If you visit your dentist to keep teeth bright, you should go once a month.

To make sure your teeth stay young and bright after whitening, read on and follow these three tips. 

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    Whitening recommendations may be different for every person because finding the color that is perfect for you can be a very customized process. My recommendation for at-home whitening is about a 2 week initial period and then touch up once or twice a month after that. The main concern to be aware of is that going overboard could damage your enamel and also your gums. For this reason, doing it yourself at home could make you more susceptible to irritation and gum problems, so I do recommend in-office treatments with your dentist. We usually recommend Zoom Whitening or Kor Whitening (depending on how much wine and coffee you drink) for an initial treatment, followed by touch-ups once a month to keep your smile looking bright.

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