The Secret to Getting a Bikini Body

When it comes to contouring your body, the options range from everything from diet and exercise to noninvasive fat fighters and liposuction or surgery. And while there’s a fit for everyone, depending on what it is you’re looking to achieve, the new wave in body contouring is all about creating a cocktail of treatments to get better results than ever before.

New York dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, is a fan of combination treatments when it comes to noninvasive techniques. “Multimodality treatments aren’t all that new, but with the launch of new treatments, we have a larger selection to pick from now. Combining them is a natural progression.”

Dr. Peredo likes to use a trio of devices that include UltraShape to melt fat, FuturaFit, which uses ultrasound and muscle stimulation to tone, and Z Wave, which uses ultrasound to target cellulite. "The treatment does more than what each procedure can do on its own for better results in less time," she says. “Using Z Wave with UltraShape enhances the results if cellulite is present because Z Wave targets cellulite and the connective tissue and UltraShape works on the fat, but not the connective tissue,” she says. “These three treatments work to solve different problems to provide a full solution to stubborn fat in a noninvasive manner.”

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