Ask An Expert: Are Nonsurgical Skin-Tighteners Phasing Out Facelifts?

As advanced noninvasive technologies pave the way for a new era of cosmetic enhancement, the question is often posed, “Will there come a time when surgery is no longer needed?” For now, the answer is no, but in the future, that may be different.

“Ultherapy, a nonsurgical skin-tightening treatment, can delay the progression of aging, but it is not phasing out lower facelifts,” says New York facial plastic surgeon Lee Ann Klausner, MD. “However, when it’s coupled with other noninvasive or less-invasive treatments such as fillers and lasers, which are performed post-treatment to enhance overall results, it may contribute to the need for less-extensive facelifts.”

But, it all depends on how much excess skin exists around your jawline and jowl area. “If your skin is somewhat lax, or you had a facelift years ago and want to tighten your skin to prolong the benefit of the lift, Ultherapy might be an option,” says Dr. Klausner. “It can reduce sagging and improve the look of your skin, but not like a facelift, which provides maximum tightening and enhances your contours.”


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