Revitalize Your Look With Lower Lid Surgery

Eyelid surgery need not be limited to just the upper lids. Lower lid surgery can make a major impact on your overall appearance.

Depending on your needs and desired outcome, it can incorporate several different surgical techniques.

When sagging muscle and excess skin are responsible for an aged appearance, an incision beneath the lower lashes is usually recommended to tighten or trim the skin, muscle and deeper supporting structures, as well as reposition fat. When performed with precision, it will be nearly undetectable when healed.

Some surgeons feel an incision inside the lower lid is often more appropriate for younger patients with genetically-based flaws, or for patients who are expecting puffiness or hollows and only need fat redistributed.

The goal of lower eyelid surgery-regardless of the problems addressed or the incisions used-is to reposition the fat in a way that lends a youthful, balanced look. However, the techniques behind eyelid surgery are frequently being fine-tuned, so look for a surgeon who has extensive experience and a knowledge of the most up-to-date methods.