The Top 5 Benefits of Veneers

Have you been dying for a pearly white smile but your teeth just won’t cooperate? Whether it’s discoloration or misalignment that’s got your smile turned upside down, veneers might just be the answer.

“Patients who have had their smile transformed with porcelain veneers are the most appreciative patients,” says Atlanta cosmetic dentist Ronald Goldstein, DDS. “They have gone for years hating their smiles, but once they see how easy and conservative the procedure really is, they smile all the time!”

Here are five reasons veneers might be right for your bite.

Change the shape of your teeth.
Veneers can make your teeth longer and wider, and create a prettier smile overall.

Close unwanted spaces.
Porcelain veneers are an excellent way to make unwanted spaces between your teeth disappear.

An orthodontic alternative.
If orthodontics aren’t viable for you, veneers can often make your front teeth look straight by building out crowded teeth. This will not only make your smile look better, it makes cleaning your teeth easier.

Make a color change.
Veneers mask discoloration, which is especially helpful on teeth that don’t respond to bleaching.

Improve narrow arches.
If your back teeth don’t show enough for your liking, veneers can be used to build out teeth that give you a wider smile.

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