Does Liposuction Really Get Rid of Fat Forever?

What really happens after liposuction? There's a lot of confusion (and conflicting) information out there so we decided to get to the bottom of this subject by turning to an expert for the scoop. “As long as you maintain your weight after your procedure, you will maintain the benefits of liposuction,” says La Jolla, CA, Plastic Surgeon Robert Singer, MD.

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Here’s how it works: Fat cells that are removed through liposuction will be gone permanently, however, the fat cells that occupy surrounding areas will continue to shrink and swell, meaning you can still gain weight if you take in more calories than your body needs without burning them off. And to further clarify, you will not begin to bulge disproportionately (looking slim in the area you were treated and fat elsewhere), but you can gain weight overall. “This is why following a proper diet and exercise routine before and after your procedure is very worthwhile,” says Dr. Singer 

The bottom line: Liposuction will get rid of your unsightly bulges, but you still have to diet and exercise.

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