Does the Solution For Aging Skin Have to Be Surgical?

The answer to this question is actually fairly simple: "Excess sagging skin requires a surgical facelift for correction," says West Palm Beach, FL, facial plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz, MD. "Skin tighteners improve skin's texture and quality."

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Las Vegas dermatologist Alison Tam, MD, agrees. "If there is too much skin laxity, or very little elasticity left, skin tighteners may not be enough and surgical intervention may still be needed." Good candidates for facelifts are those who need loose skin removed, or fat, muscle and tissue repositioned. 

Skin tighteners stimulate collagen at the dermal level, which is ideal for candidates who are firming up minimally loose skin. "At our office, Pellevé is used for skin tightening of the face, neck and eyes. Pellefirm is used for skin tightening of the body such as the abdomen, legs and arms. With radio-frequency technology, it gently heats collagen that is deeper in the dermis, which then results in a tightening effect. Generally, skin-tightening procedures are done in a series of treatments for optimal results," says Dr. Tam. 

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