Prepare To Bare Your Legs Now!

They say timing is everything, and beauty treatments are no exception. If you are considering treating leg veins or excess hair in preparation for the upcoming warm weather, now is the time!

Sclerotherapy and laser treatments for spider veins can result in temporary pigment changes in the treated area that take anywhere from days to weeks to resolve. Direct sun exposure during this time can make matters worse. Planning your treatment at least six weeks before hitting the beach is a safe bet.

Laser hair removal requires several cycles of treatment to see maximum results and cannot be performed optimally if you have a tan, whether it's from the sun or a bottle. Waxing in between laser hair removal is a no-no, too-you'll remove the root of the hair follicle, which is needed to attract the laser light and make laser hair removal effective. Planning your treatment is best set at least six weeks out-that allows for three treatments three weeks apart.

In between, although it may not be your favorite method, stick to the razor to treat any stray hairs or re-growth.

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