3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Gums

As you age, changes in the look of your gums can make the best of smiles look worn, aged, and older than they really may be, seriously impacting your overall appearance. Here are 3 ways to rejuvenate your gums: 

Deep cleaning
For mild gum recession, a deep cleaning done by your dentist (aka tooth scaling and root planing) eliminates bacteria, plaque and tartar on and around the teeth and under the gums.

Gum contouring
Lasers, which allow your dentist to contour the gums, are an easy fix for noticeable gum and bone loss or to treat bacteria that has spread too deep.

Gum grafting
When there is a lack of gum around the tooth from recession, tissue can be grafter (usually donor tissue is used) to even out the gums. 

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