Pay Attention To Procedure Pain

Discomfort is to be expected with many cosmetic treatments. However, if you experience a painful burning sensation during a treatment-particularly lasers or facial peels-tell the person performing the procedure right away.

While the heat emitted during laser hair removal produces a quick, heated snap, the heat should not be unbearable, nor should it linger beyond a second or two. Prolonged or intense heat is a sign that your provider needs to reassess the situation.

The same holds true for a peel. If you are feeling a true hot or burning sensation, your provider should immediately assess the skin for excessive redness or frosting. While these may be results you are looking for to achieve a deeper peel, they must be monitored carefully. Frosting can result in a wound that requires downtime.

Make sure you discuss your treatment goals in advance, and communicate your level of comfort-or discomfort-during your treatment.

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