Nose Jobs: Surgical Vs. Injectable

While rhinoplasty is capable of delivering much more significant and pronounced results, injectable treatments can fix minor nose asymmetries, depressions, bumps, or a droopy tip. However, it's important to realize that injectables (usually hyaluronic acid varieties likes Restylane and Juvederm are used) are only capable of augmenting the nose in a way that disguises an imperfection-not permanently correct it.

There are essentially two groups of patients that are candidates for an injectable nose job. The first is looking for a quick yet temporary fix for a minor irregularity. The second has already undergone rhinoplasty and is looking to refine the results.

If you're thinking of having rhinoplasty after an injectable nose job, it's important to discuss this with your plastic surgeon. Recent studies have shown that those who have had an injectable nose followed by rhinoplasty may have lingering fillers in the nose or skin damage caused by fillers being injected too superficially. Tell him or her when the injectable treatment was performed, what injectable was used, and who performed the procedure. This will help you avoid any potential post-surgery complications.

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