New Lipo Technology With A Skin-Tightening Twist

Traditional liposuction involves loosening, sculpting and removing fat with a cannula and vacuum suctioning. The process doesn't address slack skin, which may be an issue for women who've experienced the stretching that comes with weight fluctuation or pregnancy, or the loss of elasticity with age.

A new procedure called BodyTite promises to address both fat and skin using a technology called RFAL, or Radio Frequency Assisted Liposuction. In addition to fat reduction, which is purportedly gentler due a pre-heating process, BodyTite employs the oscillation of radio frequency to essentially "shrink" skin into a tighter state.

The device includes a sensor that provides the plastic surgeon with a real-time skin temperature reading, which can be maintained at an ideal, pre-programmed level to ensure uniform energy delivery throughout the treatment area.

Currently in FDA trials, BodyTite can be used on most of the areas that traditional liposuction can be performed, such as the hips, buttocks, thighs, arms and neck. The procedure is touted as minimally invasive, giving patients the option of local or general anesthesia, and when appropriate, light sedation.

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  • tara
    Posted on

    I know the standard answer to which form of lipo is best is that it depends on the surgeon's skill, not the technology, but the photos I've seen of this are amazing as far as skin contraction.

  • Posted on

    In what countries is this procedure available now? Is it available in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Switzerland or any other western European country? What about Brazil?

  • Richard Baxter Anonymous
    Posted on

    Readers should note that this technology is in FDA trials and not approved in the U.S. at this time. The use of radiofrequency for better skin tightening with lipo can also be done with Thermage, which is available. I participated in a clinical trial in which we compared one side of the abdomen with lipo only to the other side with lipo+Thermage, and found 40% more skin shrinkage on the Thermage side, which compares to about 17% or less with laser lipo. It is important to keep in mind that even lax skin will shrink to some degree with lipo only, which is why studies like this need to be done. Also, even 40% greater skin shrinkage does not mean that lipo + radiofrequency will replace tummy tucks.

  • mic
    Posted on

    this is already being done isn't it? Sciton's laser or prolipo

  • anonymous
    Posted on

    Can this procedure be done on the area under the arms on the side of a womans body?

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