Your Need For A Post-Baby Makeover May Be Mental

More and more women are opting for "mommy makeovers"-plastic surgery to bring their bodies back to a more familiar shape after pregnancy. However, some new moms may not be considering that their desire to go under the knife could be coming from a precarious place.

According to California psychotherapist Diana Lynn Barnes, both the body and the psyche have gone through serious changes. If a woman is experiencing postpartum depression, it may not be a wise idea to make decisions about cosmetic surgery.

Experts, while not against plastic surgery, express concerns that a woman may be more likely to regret a decision made during such a psychologically unsettled time.

Of course, not all women who undergo post-pregnancy cosmetic surgery are depressed. However, those who have been diagnosed should consider holding off on a procedure, and those who are worried that they may be suffering should consult a therapist before pursuing a procedure.

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