Women Are Bonding in the Doctor’s Office

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Two-thirds of all plastic surgery patients are mothers according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS), and now, many of those mothers are bringing in their sisters and daughters to have procedures done with them, reports the organization. The AAFPRS says that they have seen a 16 percent increase in mother-daughter procedures and a 12 percent increase in sister-sister procedures, with the top procedures being facelifts, nose jobs, eyelifts, injectables and fillers and microdermabrasion.

So why the increase in double-bookings? The trend finds that many women are turning their makeover into a bonding experience by booking simultaneously.  

"Many patients, especially women, like to multitask. To be able to have some bonding time with a friend or family member while at your facial plastic surgeons office is a growing trend," says Robert M. Kellman, MD, president of the AAFPRS. Not only do patients get to bond, they get to have the emotional support of a woman going through the same thing. Elective surgery, for some, can be a bit frightening—it can be hard to feel like you are going through something alone. Experiencing something like this with a loved one can make it more enjoyable. "Women want to look and feel good about themselves and to do it together makes the experience even better," says Dr. Kellman.

What about you? Would you consider going under the knife with your mother, sister or daughter?

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