Beauty Treatments vs. Medical Procedures

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

The horror stories of plastic surgery gone wrong in the media continue to circulate. The common denominator of these tragic tales is usually a patient in the hands of an unqualified “professional”. With the increase of patient injuries, a recent article in The Wallstreet Journal further explored the state regulations and lack thereof of medical spas, an increasingly popular “hybrid between day spas and doctors' offices.”

There can be a fine line between a beauty treatment and medical procedure and when it comes to medspas, state regulations vary. According to article, not all medical spas require a license or a medical doctor on premises. Also, it should be noted that it’s not against the law for doctors in different fields to perform cosmetic procedures. Therefore, it’s important to remember a doctor’s office is not necessarily a safer option. More states are cracking down on laws surrounding cosmetic treatments and we expect the coming years to bring major changes to this gray area. 

NewBeauty’s core mission is to keep our readers well informed and safe. To protect yourself, NewBeauty recommends always seeking a board-certified physician for any cosmetic procedure. These physicians should be properly board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) in their respective specialties and practicing within the scope of their medical field. 

Tell us what you’re experiences have been with cosmetic procedures.