Get Rid of Sunspots With This Laser

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Sunspots are constant reminders of those carefree days of our youth spent in the sun, oftentimes without enough sun protection. Boy, do we wish we tried harder when we were younger. But it turns out that those sunspots don’t have to be so permanent after all.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved a new laser treatment from Cynosure, called PicoSure, that targets sunspots. It works by using short-pulse bursts of energy to the skin in trillionths of a second to break up the targeted pigment.

It’s the first safe and effective picosecond aesthetic laser designed specifically to treat dark spots and sunspots. Plus, it can also be used to remove tattoos.

Do you have any sunspots or dark spots you would like to laser away? What other methods have you tried?

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  • clare
    Posted on

    Just went thru Fraxel Thullium.....rather painful and did not completely remove my spots. They faded significantly and my skin has healed nicely......soft and dewey. Need multiple laser treatments to really deeply remove sunspots......and these treatments DO NOT come cheap!

  • EK
    Posted on

    Michelle: You can drive to midtown or take train to penn station and go east to NYU laser skin surgery clinic and they have the Picosure laser. Went for test spots today since I am mixed background of olive skin which tans very easily.

  • Mel
    Posted on

    I've heard of this product called 3 Sisters Restorasis that actually improves & takes away areas that are already sun damaged! You should check it out, i have been hearing great things about it.

  • Michelle Filak
    Posted on

    Yes indeed I have tied to get rid of sunspots! I tried Renova, which did nothing. I have been in the process of checking out which laser treatment is best for sunspots so this article was perfect timing. But, since this is a new lazer, I have a feeling I will have a difficult time finding a doctor with this laser in my area, which is Lancaster, PA!

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