Am I Old Enough for a Facelift?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

It’s becoming more routine for women in their 40s to have small facelift-like procedures—known as a mini-lift or short-scar lifts—to correct the initial signs of aging and give better definition. In your 40s, if you have a mini-facelift, the rate at which the lower part of the face ages may be lessened. 

“These procedures are different than the traditional facelift. They’re less invasive and concentrate just on the upper or lower part of the face with well hidden incisions,” says Englewood, NJ, plastic surgeon Geoffrey Tobias, MD. Like a traditional facelift, during a mini-facelift, the underlying muscles are tightened, which provides a youthful boost to the brows and cheeks. Since the face has not yet aged to maximum capacity in the 40s, a mini-lift keeps you looking younger for longer.

However, you will most likely need a second procedure. You can expect your results to last about eight to 12 years. The more elastic your skin is, the longer the results will hold up. If a second facelift is required, often just loose skin is removed and the muscles are not addressed, making the surgery less invasive.

If you’re currently in your 50s-60s a traditional facelift will help the face age slower and take off about 10 years from your look. According to Great Neck, NY, facial plastic surgeon Andrew Jacono, MD, traditional lower facelifts should last from 10-15 years.