Target Extra Fat in Your Thighs

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Finding a pair of good-fitting jeans is challenging, especially when slim-fitting skinny jeans are on trend. Jeans that are too tight in the thigh or hips can actually accentuate saddlebags—not a good look. If your skinny jeans are feeling a little too snug in the thighs, liposuction can help.

“As we age, where and how our bodies store fat changes and a lot of it gets redirected to the hips,” says Kirkland, WA, plastic surgeon Sarah McMillan, MD. If it’s the circumference of your thighs that prevents you from donning your favorite skinnies, liposuction can help. “A lot of women need inner and outer thigh contouring and some even need a little of the extra skin removed, which we do through a very small incision in the groin,” she adds.

From laser liposuction to power-assisted liposuction and everything in between, the end goal of the treatment is the same: to contour the thighs by removing fat so that they look slimmer. “There are many different liposuction technologies available and what your doctor chooses to use is usually based on their personal preference. The bottom line is that the results of good liposuction depend more on who is doing the surgery and not what type of new technology is being used,” says New York plastic surgeon Alan Matarasso, MD. “Everyone wants tighter skin and the fat removed and that’s what every plastic surgeon aims to do.”

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  • Dr Rhys Branman
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    Indeed liposuction can remove excess fat from one's thighs and other parts of the body. And if you have lost an extreme amount of weight, in a reasonable manner, a thigh lift can be helpful with excess sagging skin that can cause health problems. However, liposuction is not a weight loss method and it is important to work out and eat healthy to maintain your weight before and after liposuction. There seems to be a new vogue called "thigh gap" in which young women are attempting to look anorexic. That is just plain unhealthy! This is not a realistic goal for women. Keep this in mind please! Dr Rhys Branman Little Rock Cosmetic Surgery Center

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