The Path to a Perfect Nose

From bumps and humps to a tip that’s too bulbous or wide, the variety of problems that can affect the nose are endless. Injectables and fillers can be used to smooth out minor nasal flaws while a nose job (rhinoplasty) is still the method of choice for longterm improvement and making a major aesthetic change.

By placing hyaluronic acid into the nose (an off-label use), small depressions as well as humps and bumps can be made to look as though they no longer exist. The fillers “build” up the nose to improve the way it looks but not how it functions. Performed in just minutes, the procedure is relatively painless and the results can last upward of one year. Even though the results of an injectable nose job are not permanent, they can be seen immediately.

If you’re dealing with larger nasal irregularities, rhinoplasty is your best option to produce the results you’re looking for. Nasal surgery is the only permanent way to correct any nasal flaws that may be bothering you. Your plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon can perform either an open or closed nose job to modify the bone, cartilage or both to best address your needs, which an injectable nose job cannot. By correcting the nose physically, the profile of the face will improve and surrounding features may “pop” more, too.

Which kind of nose job are you considering?

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  • DRL
    Posted on

    The comments above clearly don't answer the question posted by 'Soon-to-have-a-nose-job', as he/she is not asking about fillers. I'm having a rhinoplasty soon and -while looking at pics of good looking noses- I found a recent article indicating that the 'perfect' nose has a 106 degree angle, slightly upturned. Of course, it should also be in proportion to the rest of the face, as it is all about achieving the perfect balance.

  • Soon-to-have-a-nosejob
    Posted on

    I am going to have a nose job soon, and i would like a nose like in the picture above. Could you make a description of it, so i can tell my doctor?

  • Kelly Smith, CEO Projected Growth Consulting
    Posted on

    Being in this industry for over 15 years, I have seen the results of this technique to be a beautiful, quick and affordable the hands of the right injector. It is also a great way to "try on" a rhinoplasty. Now you can even get some longer term fillers on the market. Few injectors employ this technique so make sure you see some before and after photos that your injector or plastic surgeon has personally performed!

  • Michael Schwartz Michael Schwartz
    Posted on

    Rhinoplasty is about balance. A good rhinoplasty should result in enhancing the eyes and face and in and of itself not be noticed. Fillers can help with some of these goals for patients who do not wish surgery and are willing to have maintenance treatments. Permanent results can only be had with rhinoplasty surgery.

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