Inside Kim Kardashian's Blood Facial

The current season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami has given us a lot of beauty buzz to explore. Last week, we were left searching for an explanation for Kourtney Kardashian drinking butter and this week, her sister Kim’s bloody facial left us with lots of questions about the gory procedure. So what exactly is this “Vampire Facial” that had the show's viewers covering their eyes?

PRP Treatment (also known as Selphyl, “Vampire Facial” or “Blood Facial”) is a treatment in which doctors use the patient’s own blood to give the skin a more youthful appearance. “The Vampire Facial get its name from the process. To begin, the doctor draws three vials of blood from the patient. This is then spun in a centrifuge for about 20 minutes, separating it into different components as well as concentrating the platelets. The blood is then injected back into the patient's face and neck with fine needles,” explains Smithtown, NY, facial plastic surgeon James Marotta, MD. 

Once the blood is drawn, the injection process takes about 16 minutes but even though it might be quick, it’s not without some drawbacks. “The process can be painful and pricey,” says Dr. Marotta. “And the patient will experience bruising and soreness.” However, “the product is totally safe as it is made by your own body,” adds West Palm Beach, FL, facial plastic surgeon Michael Schwartz, MD. “My patients experience no more discomfort then they have with other fillers.”

As strange as it sounds, according to Dr. Marotta, it works. “You see an immediate difference after the procedure, and full plumping results three to four weeks later. The injections also help stimulate the production of collagen, which improves the volume and texture of the skin.”

“While every patient's response is individual (the quality of their own growth factor determines the response), most look great for a year or more especially in those hard areas like dark circles and bags under the eyes,” says Dr. Schwartz.

Although a little too gruesome for the squeamish, we have a feeling Kim’s on-air procedure might cause a spike in Blood Facials. “Celebrities are often admired and followed. If someone sees that Kim Kardashian received a Vampire Facial and was happy with the results, they are more likely to believe that this procedure is worthwhile,” adds Dr. Marotta.

What about you, would you follow Kim’s lead and try a Vampire Facial? Tell us in the comments. For more information on Vampire Facials, pick up the Spring issue of NewBeauty, on stands in April.

  • About Face by Nancy
    Posted on

    Microneedling or a derma roller has the same effect, poking tiny holes in the skin with fine needles to stimulate the production of collagen. Sounds odd to get blood out of your own body, and then put it back in. What's the point of doing that? This has not been clearly answered.

  • Esthetician2
    Posted on

    Any time you poke holes in your skin with needles you are going to see immediate "plumping results" due to swelling and the skin trying to heal itself. But long term with this treatment? Just seems a little silly. There are so many other less gory, less weird alternatives that are proven to work. The collagen needs to be stimulated at a deeper level than just poking holes superficially and with the whole injecting your own blood factor - just seems like a stretch.

  • G
    Posted on

    Yikes! This facial/injectable procedure sounds way too complicated but after all, all that patients want to see are just results. Not that I think it's a rather smart idea to be following Kim Kardashian in terms of skin care needs and such just because she's doing it now. That's rather silly though. *rolls eyes*

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