Is It Time for an Eyelift?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

While they may be the “windows into your soul,” your eyes are also one of the first places where you start to show your age. Luckily, an eyelift is a simple and easy way to turn back the clock a few years. But how do you know when it's the right time to get one? 

“The typical age range for an upper blepharoplasty or an 'eyelift' varies between late 30s to 80s with most people getting their first and sometimes only procedure in their 40s and 50s,” says Herndon, VA, facial plastic surgeon Shervin Naderi, MD.

You’ll know it’s time to get an eyelift when your eyelids start to become heavy, cause difficulty when applying eyeshadow or when they start to obstruct your vision.

Your ethnicity also plays a role in how soon you may need an eyelift. “Caucasian women tend to have thinner skin that loses elasticity sooner and often they need an eyelid lift sooner,” says Dr. Naderi.

The surgery is a fairly simple one that is typically done in about an hour, and you can expect to see the full result of the procedure in about a month. “Any sutures are generally removed a week after the surgery,” says Palo Alto, CA, facial plastic surgeon Jill Hessler, MD. “The swelling will decrease considerably over that first week and then the remainder is often gone after another week. Most of the recovery occurs in the first two weeks although there can still be some awareness of the procedure to the patient for a month.” 

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