Laser Options For Vessels And Veins

There are a number of laser treatments that can address problematic blood vessels and spider veins; but for each of their benefits, you may want to consider their downsides.

The pulsed dye laser has long been the gold standard for treating broken blood vessels, but it can leave a temporary black-and-blue mark on the treated area. KTP lasers are great for fine vessels without bruising; however, they are not as effective for bluish vessels or red vessels around the nose. The Nd:YAG laser, like CoolGlide, is effective for the bluish vessels and vessels around the nose, but it can leave pits similar to acne scars.

Some doctors have started using a new wavelength between the KTP and Nd:YAG lasers that works great for bluish vessels, as well as stubborn red vessels around the nose, and it's not as likely to leave pits.

Regardless of the modality used, lasers can eliminate the broken blood vessels and spider veins with just one or two treatments that take only a few minutes.

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