I Got Rid of My Acne

A few years ago, 34-year-old model Summer started noticing consistent breakouts on her forehead. She tried everything from prescription-strength medicine to Accutane, which did little to improve her adult acne. Summer was getting facials on a weekly basis (they weren’t helping much either) and was willing to do just about anything to get my acne under control. We enlisted celebrity aesthetician J’ai Lone to clear and soothe Summer’s upset, broken-out skin.

The First Steps
Summer:  I was at J’ai’s office every week in the beginning for cleansing facials, masks, peels and extraction with steam. She always tailored the treatments to how my skin was reacting at that given time.
Ja’i: I wanted to get her skin in balance so I used a lot of cooling products on her like gentle cleansers, a balancing serum, a zinc and sulfur mask and my Balancing Scrub ($40), as well as peels and probiotics.

The Energy Element
Summer: When I first started seeing J’ai she explained to me that there was a relationship between the skin’s energy and what it reflects on the outside. Mine was really off balance.
J’ai: One of my philosophies is that breakouts can arise from too much heat and energy in the skin. When that happens, it needs to be calmed. Icing for five to 10 minutes per day is helpful. And, don’t use a lot of water on your face either.

Makeover Maintenance
Summer: I see J’ai for monthly facials. I’m diligent about caring for my skin and cleanse with her Balancing Scrub (sometimes I use it with an at-home skin-care brush) and antioxidant pads. I’ve finally found a routine that my skin likes, so there’s no need to veer off this path. My skin is clear, glowing, healthy and beautiful. And my breakouts have virtually stopped.
J’ai: Since transforming her skin, I treat Summer with oxygen facials, mandelic acid peels, Silk Peel, glycolic and salicylic acids and LED depending on what her skin needs.”

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  • Sandi
    Posted on

    I had adult acne when I was 22 yrs old. I took Accutane, my skin was perfect as the drug re-shapes your pores. 25 yrs. later, I have it again? Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do? I will try to find Volcanic Sulfer soap 10% we'll see Anoyomus ;) any other ideas?

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    Try Natural Volcanic Sulfur Soap 10%. It clears acne skin fast with anti-bacterial and anti-septic and anti-fungal Properties. Affordable, gentle enough to use twice a day and see skin clearing within days! joesoefskincare.com

  • karenf fuller
    Posted on

    Hello I have a friend with adult acne like summer did ,being a model she has access to much more . My friend she has oily skin. I have tried alot of my personal items like dr. brants calming cream.C face wash.and a few others.what can I do for helping her balance out.Of course With no access to professional items.I do get the Tube an if any items I may get what would help since you see what's in them. Can you give a few tips where to start.she also tried many products,proactive,a dermatologist,didnt work the meds.so didnt go back. Im am writing on behalf for she doesnt talk English good .I will Be helping her if can.thank you for the story.im not worried about posting, just maybe a few tips. Sincerly karenf fuller

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