A Surgical Solution for a Small Nose

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Most people seek rhinoplasty to correct a large or bumpy nose but some people have much smaller issues with their nose—literally. For those who have noses that aren’t large enough for their face, a specialized technique called derotation or counter-rotation is an effective way to correct the appearance of a short or upturned nose, according to Lutherville, MD, plastic surgeon, Patrick J. Byrne, MD.

What’s the most common complaint Dr. Byrne hears from patients about small noses? That the nasal bridge is too short, which causes the bottom of the nose and the nostrils to face forward, giving the appearance of a "pig nose." A sharp upturn to the nose tip, commonly called “over-rotation”, can also result in very visible nostrils. 

Not many people are aware of this procedure, 

"Because rhinoplasty is primarily advertised as a method to create a smaller, straighter nose, patients may not be aware of nose surgery options to lengthen a short nose or correct an exaggerated upturn in the nasal tip," says Dr. Byrne.

A derotation rhinoplasty procedure lengthens the nose by increasing the nasolabial angle and turning down the tip of the nose. The results lend a more natural and proportionate look with less prominent nostrils. Because the surgery is complex and can require revision to the nostrils, Dr. Byrne suggests doing your research when selecting a surgeon. To find a qualified, board-certified physician near you, click here.

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