You’re Invited to Our Facebook Party With Dr. Grover

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Do you have any unanswered plastic surgery questions? Not sure if you’re a good candidate for a certain procedure? Want to know exactly how painful recovery will be? Or how long it will take to see results? Tomorrow you’ll have your chance to ask. Tuesday, January 29 we’re hosting a party live on our Facebook wall. Newport Beach, CA plastic surgeon Sanjay Grover, MD will be online and ready to answer your individual cosmetic surgery questions. 

So get your questions ready and meet us on at 4-6 p.m EST (1-3 p.m. PST). 

Until then, familiarize yourself with some cosmetic procedures by visiting NewBeauty’s Advanced Treatments page.

See you tomorrow.

  • Kris Patterson
    Posted on

    I have a dilemma, I have had 9 back surgeries & a knee replacement. The knee replacement really isn't that much of an issue, but due to all my back challenges I'm not able to exercise the way needed to lose the weight I so badly need to lose. After looking at the before/after photos I think a tummy tuck would give me considerable relief. I have had 2 complete pregnancies (3rd lost after 3mos).So my question is is there any help out there for me? I've never weighed this much in my life. I'm 53 and just starting to ride bike, but that's about all I can handle due to my limitations. And I can't do that for very long. I would love to have a head to toe makeover! Please help.

  • Anna F.
    Posted on

    Hi Jenny - We asked the doctor for you! Here's what he had to say, "For me, I do not think this is a good option. I have heard of it being done but I personally do not know any plastic surgeons who perform that together. The body changes quite a bit during pregnancy with increased hormone levels/blood volume. the skin will undergo many changes over the first 3-4 months following delivery. Additionally, an abdominoplasty can be a big procedure which I often combine with liposuction to get the best results. You will want to be spending some time with your lovely new baby. Give it a few months and see your local, board certified plastic surgeon ( to find out more about your options."

  • Jenny
    Posted on

    I will be at work during the time of this chat but a dying to know - is it safe/smart to get a tummy tuck at the same time as a scheduled C section? I've heard that it doesn't work and I've also heard that it does. I would love to reduce the risks of going under anesthesia Thank you.