Is Your Injector an Expert?

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Plastic surgery-gone-wrong stories repeatedly emerge in the news. Although tragic, most of these reports are the sad stories of patients seeking treatment from illegitimate and unqualified doctors and their unfortunate consequences. Patients can avoid these appalling situations by ensuring they are putting themselves in the right hands.

Almost any doctor can purchase and administer injectables. But doctors practicing outside their specialty can put their patients at great risk. That’s why NewBeauty supports ExpertInjector, a program committed to ensuring that patients are seeking properly qualified physicians to perform injectable procedures.

ExpertInjectors are board-certified plastic surgeons, facial plastic surgeons, dermatologists and oculoplastic surgeons who have demonstrated extreme due diligence in regards to patient safety, reliable results and consumer education. They are properly qualified to perform injectable procedures and only administer products that are FDA-approved for aesthetic use.

“The Aesthetic Society is proud to endorse this program, particularly with the disturbing trend of  “back room Botox” and other injectable procedures being performed by individuals with no medical training at all,” says Jeffrey Kenkel, MD, past president of ASAPS. “The ExpertInjector program raises the bar for patient safety.”

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  • Aaron
    Posted on

    Leah, I don't know what part of the 'industry' you're in but only a fool would allow a medical assistant who does not have the training or the authority to inject ANYTHING into a human being. Your statement about plastic surgeons wasting their time is just ignorant. If there is a complication involving tissue loss, who do you think the injector is going to rely on? Another medical assistant?! Educate yourself.

  • Wayne
    Posted on

    Some of the worst injectors we have seen are plastics , i agree with Leah its about creativeness and attention to detail...

  • Jasmine
    Posted on

    Nobody, but NOBODY has to have a lighter touch when necessary than a surgeon. Sorry, but I won't let anyone other than a board certified plastic surgeon inject anything Into my face. Even my Botox is injected by an Oculoplastic surgeon. I had the unfortunate experience of having a physician's assistant inject Kenalog into my face for a minor acne cyst. It left me with a crater in my face that a PS later had to fill with Juvederm. Never again!

  • Leah
    Posted on

    I don't agree with this article at all. I am in the industry and know many expert injectors whose titles do not include plastic surgeon, dermatologist, etc. Injecting, especially filler, is an art form and can be done with anyone with a light touch and a good eye. My current injector is a medical assistant and is the best injector I have ever had. I don't want someone touching my face with a needle that is used to cutting and pulling skin everyday. They would not have as light of touch as someone who injects needles on a daily basis. What kind of plastic surgeon would waste their talents on injecting botox and filler? There time is better spent in the surgery room if they are truly a talented surgeon.

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