Target and Lift Sagging Breasts

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Even if you are happy with the physical size of your breasts, you may not be too content with their positioning, which forces you to shy away from low-cut tops and deep necklines. “Some women just want their breasts put back to a higher position, like where they used to be,” says Kirkland, WA, plastic surgeon Sarah McMillan, MD.

When there’s a loss of volume, especially in the upper part of the breasts, and some sagging, the breasts need to be repositioned by tightening the tissue and transposing the nipples. For the woman that wants more volume and better positioning, an implant can be inserted at the time of the breast lift. “The combination of enlarging the breasts and repositioning them is nothing new but is still really popular because so many women complain of the two problems and restrict their clothing choices,” says New York plastic surgeon Alan Matarasso, MD. Expect to see results in eight to 12 weeks.

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