A Cream Makes Cosmetic Procedures Less Painful

Someone, somewhere came up with the phrase "pain is beauty, beauty is pain," and personally, we here at NewBeauty would like to see this quote reconsidered. Not everything that makes you more beautiful has to hurt, especially now that the FDA has approved the first-ever topical anesthesia cream that can be applied prior to minimally invasive procedures like dermal fillers, laser treatments and tattoo and hair removal. 

The U.S.-based pharmaceutical company Galderma Laboratories has created the cream, called PLIAGLIS, which can be applied to the skin 20 to 30 minutes before minor cosmetic procedures (60 minutes for more potentially painful procedure) to ease discomfort. It combines concentrations of lidocaine and tetracaine to create a pliable peel over the skin that reportedly makes injections and lasers much more bearable.

With pain no longer an excuse to avoid getting rid of past acne scars, wrinkles or that unsightly tattoo, what's stopping you? 

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