A Better Kind of Cleaning With a Better Electric Toothbrush

My dentist has mentioned more than once that I need to make the switch to using an electric toothbrush. When I realized I had a cleaning scheduled just a few weeks away, I decided it was high time I heed his advice and spare myself the shame of having to admit once again I still hadn’t gotten around to getting one. And anything that might help make my dental appointments easier or shorter was definitely worth looking into.

So after careful consideration, I decided to try the Emmi-dent 6 Ultrasonic Toothbrush ($189). In a word: Wow! I noticed a difference after just the first use. The toothbrush incorporates powerful ultrasonic technology thanks to a unique microchip embedded in the brush head. The brush heads rotate at 96 million oscillations per minute (whoa) to deliver serious bacteria-fighting strength that leaves teeth feeling noticeably cleaner. Even better, after about a week of using both the toothbrush and the Nano-bubble Toothpaste (that comes with the brush), my teeth were also whiter. (Ultrasound technology kills bacteria from foods and drinks, which cause stains on your teeth.) Oh, and did I mention my cleaning appointment definitely involved a little less scraping? Now my only regret is not getting this toothbrush sooner.


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