The Scoop on Stem-Cell Facelifts

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There are new technologies and techniques created every day, especially when it comes to cosmetic procedures—some are good, while others we're not so sure about. One of the latest procedures that is getting a lot of attention lately is stem-cell facelifts. To find out if it's in the must-try category, we went to our experts to learn more.

A stem-cell facelift is a term used by physicians when they use stem cell injections to get a similar result to a facelift. Basically, it's the same idea as using fillers and other injectables to rejuvenate your face.

“Typically fat cells from the abdomen that are rich in stem cells are harvested and spun down to separate the various components,” says Beverly Hills, CA, facial plastic surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD. “Depending on the surgeon, the fat cells and components that are believed to be rich in stem cells are injected in the face.”

While this sounds like a good idea, Dr. Azizzadeh says that they are still in the early stages of understanding how they work. Plus, it’s not clear whether the results are achieved because of the stem cell or just because of the fat injections. “We don't know at this point,” says he says. “They are addressing different issues and we still are not sure if ‘stem-cell’ facelifts are for real.”

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  • Claudio Pinto
    Posted on

    As with any other injectables, fillers and AFT ( Autologous Fat Transfer) results do vary and some patients have a high metabolism so all these treatments did not last as long as we once thought. This is also a treat thats technique dependant - Not ALL Stem cells of AFT are the same - On the other hand we have seen amazing results with this treatment - I would wait until everything has been perfected and we have more data and clinical trials - But this is the future of cosmetic procedures as we know it - Less and less patients want surgical intervention and this is a beautiful way of achieving rejuvenation and a more youthful appearance without the knife and the associated downtime associated with it!

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