American Women Most Concerned With Their Bodies

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When women look into the mirror, most can find a few things they would like to change about their appearance. But where are there eyes going first?

According to a new survey commissioned by Syneron Medical, the company behind the body-shaping VelaShape treatment, only eight percent of women are very satisfied with their current appearance. Seven out of 10 women admit they are most worried about tummy bulge as opposed to fine lines and wrinkles, which still comes in close (at 50 percent).

"It has been a long-held belief that a flawless complexion represents youth and beauty. With the rise of pop culture and the focus on shapely bodies, this perception has shifted beyond a perfect face to include the perfect body as well," says Washington, DC, dermatologist Tina Alster, MD.  "Fortunately, most American women today are conditioned to believe that living a healthy lifestyle yields many rewards in appearance, both for the face and the body. But for many women, despite avoidance of carbs and regular exercise, there remain certain body areas that still trouble them.  Losing that last inch or two – from the muffin tops or saddle bags – can really boost a woman's confidence—that's where treatments like VelaShape can help." 

What about you, are you more concerned about your body or your face? Which treatments have you had to improve your appearance? 

  • deb preston
    Posted on

    I see the bags under my eyes and glance down and gobble gobble - need lots of help

  • Kari
    Posted on

    I feel like I care equally abour my body and face- Your face is where people focus on during conversation, however your body is something that reflects your overall health and gives you that confidence if you're in proper shape. It's 50/50 for me. I eat healthy and take care of my skin.

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