Better Botox Pill Now Available Online

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Remember when we told you about Zytaze, the little pill that can enhance the results of botox injections? Well, it’s now available for purchase online. 

The nutritional supplement is said to contain a patent-pending blend of organic zinc and phytase, an enzyme that aids zinc absorption, to improve and extend the duration of results by as much as 30 percent on average. With the cost of the pills under $50, doctors are reporting that patients who originally shied away from cosmetic injections are now coming in since the cost of maintenance is much lower. Each package of Zytaze ($40) contains a five-day supply with 10 capsules.

"Initially, Zytaze was available through physicians only but because of the overwhelming response from patients, we are extending availability directly to patients by offering it online," says the company’s president and COO, Patrick Ward.

Have you tried Zytaze yet? Let us know what you think.

  • Sharon
    Posted on

    I have had Botox 5x, each time with lessening results, now it does not work at all! The plastic surgeon talked with an Allergan rep. who says it is possible to develop an antibody against it. Allergen does not tell you this and I want my money back!,

  • Lauren B
    Posted on

    Have been doing this Botox for 3 years, along the brow line to minimally lift the brow. I recommend you also use the Made From Earth Vitamin Firming Serum - because even when the Botox starts to wear off, there are no perceptible lines on forehead or frown lines. I highly recommend the botox + made from earth firming serum - and don't overdo it, when overdone, looks unnatural.

  • Sue A.
    Posted on

    Just to let you know you all :according the company : it's NOT $40 ...The cost is currently £45.00 incl VAT plus FREE P&P !

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    Melba, it's not a joke. According to the company all you need to take is two capsules daily for four days prior to and on the day of receiving botulinum toxin injections. That would only be an extra $40.

  • Melba
    Posted on

    Is this a joke? It makes no sense at all. I spent $200 last month for Botox in my forehead, I will need to go back for more in about 2-3 months. Why would I spend $240 a month to possibly prolong the affects for maybe a month? We're talking close to a grand to prolong a treatment that costs $200-300. Maybe it would make sense if you had hundreds of dollars worth of Botox pumped into your entire face and neck. But, do the math, otherwise there is no financial advantage, especially when there is no guarantee. Just how gullible are we?

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