Is It Safe For A Nurse To Inject?

The most significant question smart consumers are asking today is, “What about nurse injectors?” At present, there are varying answers. To keep things simple and safe, follow these rules:

Always have your first injectable treatment performed by a qualified doctor: plastic surgeon, facial plastic surgeon, dermatologist or ophthalmic plastic surgeon. These doctors have something that precedes injectable training-training very specific to facial anatomy.

Hereafter, if your doctor has a nurse who performs injections regularly at the physician's office, and if you feel comfortable with the training and expertise of this nurse or physician's assistant, it's your choice to have this person inject you. Make certain, however, that your injectable treatment always includes the informed-consent process; that the injector reviews your past treatment, your previous outcomes and your current state of health and goals before injecting; and that if there are any significant changes to the course of treatment you regularly have (like injecting a new area or using a new injectable), the doctor is involved in this decision.

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