Is It Really Non-Invasive?

Lately, a lot of treatments and procedures are being labeled non-surgical and non-invasive. But these terms are sometimes taken far too lightly. Use these guidelines to determine whether something is being portrayed correctly: Surgery involves one or more incisions, no matter how small. These are accompanied by anesthesia to make the process more comfortable. Non-surgical would mean the skin is not cut at all, whatsoever. Invasive means that the tissues of the body will be affected in some way, whether cut, displaced or modified by medical instruments that are inserted into the body (most often through incisions). Therefore, non-invasive means nothing intrudes into your body or beyond the skin. If you are still confused, it's best to err on the side of caution. Anything that will enter into your body through the tissue and anything more than an injection is some form of invasive treatment and requires an appropriately equipped and accredited surgical facility. This includes invasive treatments, like skin resurfacing, that do not require incisions.

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