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Radiofrequency and ultrasound have long been used in the world of aesthetic dermatology to treat skin issues from laxity to cellulite, however, with each new year it seems there is a new machine promising better results and less discomfort.

Beverly Hills, CA, dermatologist Harold Lancer, MD, who offers a number of skin-tightening treatments to his celebrity clientele, says that these types of machines are always being invented and reinvented, and typically, for the better. One such reincarnation that Dr. Lancer is specifically excited about is the Venus Freeze Treatment. "It's probably one of the more popular non-invasive firming and lifting treatments that we have seen in this office in a long time," he says.

So how does it work? "It's a hand-held device that uses radio-wave energy to heat the skin, which causes the tissue being treated to contract and firm, while magnets stimulate new collagen and elastin for long term benefits," he says. 

The best part is, this particular machine works on all body parts from the face, to the belly and thighs, to lift and firm saggy skin. It only takes about half an hour for each area. Benefits can't be seen immediately after the first treatment dues to temporary swelling of the skin, nut when done in two to four week intervals, half a dozen times, full results can be seen. 

The treatment, which feels more like a hot stone massage than a cosmetic procedure, requires no healing or recovery time and after the first treatment, the skin looks pink and radiant. 

While Dr. Lancer says that this treatment can be done to tighten and firm the skin of anyone from the age of 18 to 80, it's full effectiveness is best seen on patients in their early 30s to mid-40s since the skin at that age is better prone to tightening. Los Angeles dermatologist Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD says  "One benefit to doing these [radiofrequency] treatments at an earlier age is that you’ll see more of a reward sooner."

One important note if you are interested in a skin-tightening procedure like Venus Freeze, is that the person conducting the treatment makes a big difference in how effective it is. Any medical spa or salon can offer these treatments, but they are best done when performed by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Find one here.

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  • Sarah
    Posted on

    Could I possibly do this for my breasts? After kids, they aren't the greatest anymore, but I do not want surgery.. if not what would be the complications of using venus freeze and what are my alternatives?

  • Lori
    Posted on

    I am going too be starting a medical esthetics course and I will be trying all types of procedures. I am going too find out what delivers results and what doesn't!!! This should be very interesting.

  • Michele
    Posted on

    I did venus freeze on my abdomen and the results were amazing. I have the before and after pictures to prove it. After my second treatment I started seeing results and third was actually in new beauty magazine under Dr. Jack Hensel. You have to pick the right person for the right procedure and have the right person performing this procedure because tecnique DOES matter!

  • Louise
    Posted on

    I did two treatments on my neck for loose skin. I got a deal on Groupon so wanted to try it. They wanted to sell me 4 more at $250 each but I didn't want to pay that so I didn't. I got a good result with just two treatments. I noticed it right away, and expect it will continue to improve over time. I'm now considering buying a package of eight and instead of using them on one area, I would use some on the tummy, some on the buttocks, and some on the upper arms. I'm hopeful the results I got on my neck will be similar on those body parts. I had several treatments of Accent XL on the tummy and really don't see much tightening at all. It is still mottled from childbirth.

  • Rosy
    Posted on

    Liposonix is just as bad. Did 8 areas on my back. I am 5'03 and 125 lbs. No results, very painful & pricey. The RN alleged a 1/3 difference. LIAR! $ 1,500.00 down the drain. No difference whatsoever. Could used that money on my mortgage. Ugh!

  • Annie
    Posted on

    I had 6 on the face and not a bit of difference. It was tighter for 30 minutes and then went back to the way it was before. So discouraged and 1500.00 down the drain. I would not tell anyone on this earth to try it.Wish I had known.

  • Suzanne
    Posted on

    I am on my 2nd VF face/neck treatment and have already seen softening of my wrinkles! I am excited to see how much better I will look after 8 Treatments! My face has a better glow since beginning but have also been using a cleanser,toner, hydrapeptide gel, eye cream , and prescription retinal recommended by VF specialist. I really think the face regime is helping too! Also I cut out pop,real n diet,n am eating healthy n exercising daily! Sugar n red meats are a no no I eat mostly fish n chicken n maybe red meat once a wk! I m still considering a facelift along w/VF treatments. Good luck!

  • Dawn V.
    Posted on

    I guess VF works for some and not for others.I am 48 years old and from MD. I had 8 treatments on my neck and have no seen any improvement at all. My last treatment was week before last. I also had my last arm treatment last week but have seen perhaps minimal improvement. I am on my fourth face treatment this week but have not seen any improvement. $3,500!!!!! I am so upset. They did tell me it takes up to 3 months to show improvement? I certainly hope so. Its just dreadful forking out all that money in addition to the money I spend in botox. Perhaps the best bet is to just get a facelift but not everyone has the money(although between juvederm, botox and VF I could have HAD a facelift) or the time off from work! Thank you for allowing me to vent.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    I had 6 treatments of Venus freeze on my face and neck. I didn't see any results right away and I was angry that I spent all that $$$. But 4 month later after I finished I noticed my face tightening. It does have fantastic results and I would do it again.

  • Sheila
    Posted on

    I just finished my 5th Venus Freeze treatment to my face and neck. I am 50 years old. I had lost weight which came off my face and in this past year have noticed the jowels and face dragging down. I took before pictures and just today went to study them and sure enough,, what a difference already!,, My profile has definitely, lifted up and I look younger already in the face. Besides the treatements, I am take care of my skin with a good regimen from my Dermatologist , I don't smoke, or drink in excess, I exercise and eat a clean diet mostly plant based, salmon, fish, supplements, no processed foods or junk. I think all these things help your body to work with the Venus freeze treatments to rejuvenate your skin. For me, Venus freeze is working and I am not even finished the treatments... Very happy with the results!!

  • Mark
    Posted on

    I stumbled onto this website looking at skin tightening options. I am calling BS on Suzanne and kim...and Venus Freeze victim Suzanne says it was painful and she should sue the doctor. The one thing I know about VF is that it is not painful. Claims of it not working might be legit...but the consent my wife got prior to treatment specifically said results were not guarenteed. I am thinking all 3 posts are from the same person and when I checked out the Venus Freeze is a ripoff..e-mails show that patient threatened company with using social media to get the word out." I am an SEO Analyst by trade and will be making my case known through social media high and wide if someone does not make some effort to help me out soon"

  • Liz
    Posted on

    I just finished 8 treatments of Venus Freeze on my neck/jowls & the results are truly amazing. I couldn't be more pleased! And I'm glad I didn't read the negative results, before treatment, or I might not have done it - I'm lucky that it works on me.

  • Venus Freeze Victim
    Posted on

    Venus Freeze is a recently FDA approved treatment but an undisclosed fact that has come to light from a company representative shows that 10% of individuals will not respond and there will be absolutely no effect. These treatments cost thousands of dollars and may be completely ineffective.

  • Suzanne
    Posted on

    I had 10 venus freeze and it didn't help at all ..I want to cry from al the $$$ I threw out the window..and it was painful. I should sue the doctor...

  • kim
    Posted on

    I had 4 sessions of Venus Freeze at a cost of $4000 from Artisan Plastic Surgery in Greensburg and did not have 1 bit of change or improvement. Save your money, Snake oil.

  • Zespa
    Posted on

    Venus Freeze has been so phenomenal that we have guests traveling as far as Eagle Pass and Mexico to our MedSpa here in San Antonio to receive this treatment. In many cases, someone tries a sample treatment to reduce facial wrinkles, and then comes back for the recommended series because of the great response they receive from their family and friends. This truly is a fantastic treatment that lives up to the hype!

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