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Some women switch skin-care routines as often as they change their clothes. Why? Well, there are many reasons—impatience, sheer boredom or because they don’t see a marked change in the health of their skin. But what most people don't realize is that it takes weeks, not days, to see results from a new regimen. It also happens to depend on what skin condition you are trying to treat, says New York dermatologist Neal Schultz, MD. For instance, issues like acne can typically be cleared up in less time than it takes to achieve facial rejuvenation for younger-looking skin.

Dedication to a routine, while it may seem tedious, is your best bet to see results, no matter what your skin issues are. With that in mind and here to help, is a new website and app that wants you to track your progress, so that you can visually see how your skin changes. allows you to upload pictures of yourself with your current skin, then track your photos as you continue on your new regimen. It measures your skin condition over time so you can see exactly how much of an improvement you get with your new routine. The app even scores your skin condition on a scale of 1 to 100 with 100 being severe, and lets you compare it to other people with the same condition and similar scores as yours. 

While this app definitely doesn't take the place of your dermatologist, it can help you see the transformation of your skin and help you stay realistic and positive about your progress. Patience is key. If you use the right products regularly, especially those recommended by your dermatologist, and give them a couple of weeks, you will see improvement. 

  • KK
    Posted on

    This is a great tip! I started using Stemulance several months ago and my daughter noticed how my sun spots are fading...I wish I had started using skinphoto from the beginning but I'm going to start using the app now to see how much better it gets!

  • Annie
    Posted on

    I am currently using the skinfoto iPhone app and am very pleased with how it works. I suffer from facial sun damage, years of not taking care of my skin! With the help of this app, I am currently trying to reverse the damage and with the use of skinfoto I am able to monitor my skin's progress as I treat it. I have uploaded a photo, before and after and am tracking the results as I go. One of the best features about skinfoto is that I can monitor my face wherever and whenever, it's great!

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