The Effect of Hormones on Cellulite

Not sure what's causing that stubborn cellulite? Turns out, it could be your hormones. Although many don’t realize it, there is a connection between cellulite and your hormones. Some experts believe that estrogen tends to aggravate and worsen cellulite since it encourages the body to build up and store fat, especially in the stomach, thighs, hips and butt. “Although a definitive hormonal cause has not been established, about 85 to 90 percent of women have some cellulite whereas men with normal hormones do not have it,” says Lincolnshire, IL, dermatologist Amy Forman Taub, MD.

“Cellulite can get worse during pregnancy because of acute weight gain and fluid retention,” says Salt Lake City, UT, plastic surgeon Renato Saltz, MD. During pregnancy, the body releases a hormone known as relaxin, which is believed to diminish collagen production. And the less elastic the skin is, the more common it is to see fat cells pushing against the skin. During and after menopause, many women see more cellulite since the quality and texture of the skin changes and it becomes thin, making cellulite more apparent.

Genetics are a factor of cellulite too. Chances are, if your mother had cellulite you will too. Even if you are predisposed to cellulite, you can minimize its appearance by maintaining a healthy weight, eating properly and taking care of your skin.

Treating cellulite in the early stages is the best plan of attack if you want to diminish its appearance. Since cellulite affects everyone differently, there is no set amount of time that it takes for it to progress and worsen. Some women notice exacerbated cellulite in a matter of months, while in others, it can take years for it to worsen. Your board-certified plastic surgeon or dematologist can help you determine how you should go about treating your cellulite. Learn more about the right cellulite treatments for you.

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