Get a Bigger, Better Butt

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

Are you looking to increase the size of your backside while defining its shape and adding lift? Butt augmentation, which can use either fat or implants to increase size and add shape, is a hot procedure these days.

“There’s this buzz surrounding the femininity and attractiveness of a convex, full butt, which we see on many celebrities,” says Newport Beach, CA, plastic surgeon Malcolm D. Paul, MD. Another reason for its adoration is due to the fact that it’s one procedure that dramatically transforms the figure into a more feminine shape.

“Butt augmentation consists of fat grafting but liposuction is usually performed as well, to give definition to the hips and thighs, so it’s like you’re getting two procedures in one,” says Miami Beach, FL, plastic surgeon Leonard Tachmes, MD. Think of this procedure as having double benefits: It adds shape and if you go the fat transfer route, you’ll eliminate unwanted fat pockets from elsewhere on the body.

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