Eliminate Dark Spots For a Younger Smile

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Your skin isn’t the only part of your body susceptible to dark spots. Whether a result of poor nutrition, genetics or excess fluoride, dark spots on your teeth can make them look too white or even yellow or brown. “The spots can make your smile look dull, unattractive and, most importantly, unhealthy. Often these discolorations are an indicator of cavities, internal damage or poor oral care,” says New York cosmetic dentist Irwin Smigel, DDS. “Just like how age spots on the body can make you look older, spots on the teeth can be equally as aging.”

Watch what you drink. Beverages with an excess of vitamins and minerals such as sports drinks, vitamin waters and fruit drinks can sometimes be to blame for spots on teeth due to their acidity, which attacks natural enamel.

Gentle, gradual whitening with whitening toothpaste or in-office treatments that conceal spots, like dental bonding (sculpted composite resin filling) or veneers (thin porcelain tooth coverings) are your best bets. “Strong whitening solutions such as office bleaching, or over-the-counter bleaches can’t be easily controlled and may accentuate color differences,” Dr. Smigel says.

If your teeth aren’t the right shade of white, they may be negatively impacting your look, making your face and your smile look older than they really are. “Yellow and brown spots resemble decay,” says Tinley Park, IL, cosmetic dentist Zack Zaibak, DDS. “Eliminating them makes the teeth look healthier and rejuvenated.”

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