Match Your New Smile With Your Skin Tone

If you are considering veneers, your dentist will probably use a shade guide to help you select the perfect color of veneers for your new smile. Remember, the white smiles you see on TV might look unnatural in the real world. Depending on your skin tone, overly white teeth can be a dead giveaway that they’ve been worked on. How white is too white? Frequently, we look at the whites of the eyes as a guiding place to start,” says Sarasota FL, cosmetic dentist Jenifer C. Back, DMD. “If they chose a color that is whiter than the whites of the eyes, that’s the closest source of white to the teeth and it makes them look unnatural.

Find the right white for your skin tone: 

Fair Skin
“Fair skinned people can go for the whitest shades,” says Dr. Back. 

Olive Skin
The second whitest shade possible is the most popular and looks good on most individuals, Dr. Back says.

Dark Skin
Darker skin creates a contrast against the teeth so they can appear bright with naturally occurring tooth shades. 

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  • Dr. Michael T. Fulbright
    Posted on

    When doing veneers on a patients, we like to start with a full facial analysis to help us determine what is the right shade and contour. Every smile we create is custom tailored to the patient and no 2 are alike. With contour for example, we tend to go with a more slender tooth on a patient who has a narrow thin face and a wider tooth with someone who may have a round face. In regards to color, I feel going too white on a fair skin patient tends to wash them out whereas whiter teeth on a darker skinned patient tends to POP and bring them our more. A great ceramist can still create natural looking porcelain veneers while using the whitest of shards. It really boils down to what the patient wants and how many teeth are involved.

  • susan
    Posted on

    wii a1 shade give me a nice white smile makeover im 59

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