Get Prettier Feet Faster With PinPointe

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Feeling self conscious about your feet? It’s not just you. It’s estimated that nearly 35 million Americans suffer from foot fungus, which can lead many to keep their feet under wraps. Prescription-strength and topical medicated polishes work, but there’s a high-tech way to treat feet: The PinPointe FootLaser.

Just about everything can be treated with the zap of a laser and fungus that affects the toenails is no exception. Harnessing the power of a special-purpose Nd:YAG laser (a technology that doctors use for hair removal, although this one is calibrated specifically for treating nail fungus) promises relief in as little as a few months, although in some, results may take longer.

The laser, which can be used on both toenails and fingernails, targets fungus underneath the nail. The pain-free half-hour treatment is recommended for all 10 toes in order to lessen the chance of future infection.

NuvoLase Inc., the company behind PinPointe announced in Novemeber 2012 that over 100,000 procedures have been performed with the FDA-cleared device. “This is very exciting and an important milestone for NuvoLase and the PinPointe FootLaser,” says Steven P. Duddy, president and chief executive officer of NuvoLase Inc. “The PinPointe FootLaser remains the light-based procedure of choice by many clinicians and patients worldwide, and surpassing the 100K procedure mark shows that we are gaining momentum as the acknowledged procedure of choice for onychomycosis.”     

Does this treatment sound like something you would be interested in? In the meantime, learn how to fix hangnails, yellowing and breakage here.

  • Michele McGowan DPM
    Posted on

    We have been using this laser at our office The Center for Ankle and Foot Care in Clermont Florida and have excellent results!

  • Dan Waldman DPM
    Posted on

    I have been using the PinPointe footlaser for many of my patients for four years. Though no treatment is 100% effective for everybody I have found The pinpoint laser far exceeding my and my patient's expectations. I recommend a series of laser treatments over a few months and home care use of topical anti fungal oil and cream. Foot hygiene Is very important to prevent reinfection. I have used other lasers but PinPointe gives me the best results.

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