A Breast Reduction for Better Cleavage

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Are your overly large, undefined breasts creating a lack of cleavage? Do you want to feel better in a low-cut top? Breasts that are too large for your frame may not only be a burden physically and cause pain, they can also lack shape and cleavage and look sloppy in tops that draw attention the chest.

“Creating pretty cleavage isn’t as easy as you think. The more the chest bone protrudes away from the body and the more laterally located one’s breasts are to begin with, the less cleavage that can be created. The positioning of the breasts dictates the amount of cleavage on the chest,” explains New York plastic surgeon Alan Matarasso, MD. 

With a traditional breast reduction, excess fat and tissues are removed through an incision that leaves a scar from the nipple to the creases of the breast and/or a circular scar around the nipple, so some plastic surgeons prefer to reduce the breasts with liposuction. The advantage? Less extensive scars. But, not everyone is a candidate. “There needs to be the right amount of a fat, which can only be determined by a plastic surgeon who knows what to look for. If the breasts are glandular it won’t be a success he says. Expect to see results in about eight weeks. To learn more about breast reduction, click here.

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    Very few breast reductions can be successfully performed with liposuction alone. The best candidate for this technique is in a patient that barely needs a breast reduction in the first place that has excellent skin elasticity and nipples that are not particularly saggy. When a breast reduction is performed in a more conventional manner, the breast is also lifted and the nipples are re-positioned in the center of the breast mound. This can in some degree, increase cleavage. Especially in very saggy breasts.

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