Who Can Pay the Price of Plastic Surgery?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

People have strong views when it comes to cosmetic enhancements. Sometimes controversial, plastic surgery is certainly not for everyone. But while some may oppose for moral reasons, others believe it’s just out of their means, believing that plastic surgery is a luxury that only the wealthy can afford.

New York plastic surgeon Tracy M. Pfeifer, MD believes this is entirely untrue:

“This is simply another myth associated with plastic surgery. I would say that plastic surgery is a lifestyle choice. Like with any other lifestyle choice, the average person may have to save and budget for it, but it’s within reach. Most of my patients are not the extremely wealthy. Rather, they are everyday Americans such as teachers, lawyers, real estate agents, retired persons, etc. that come from every social strata and ethnic background. What these people all have in common is not their wealth, but that they want to feel good about their appearance and understand that treatments are available to address their concerns. Plastic surgery has also come a long way and become much more common in the lives of everyday people. Recognizing this, many plastic surgeons offer payment options for patients such as plans, financing, partial pre-payment, etc. This helps make plastic surgery much more mainstream, and not only reserved for the super wealthy.”


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