Avoid Plastic Surgery Dangers

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Did you know that a gynecologist can legally perform breast augmentation? How about that a doctor without any training can buy a laser machine or injectable substance and use it or that a radiologist can do liposuction? Doctors practicing outside their claimed specialty, without proper training, can put you at risk. Unbeknownst to many, nearly any medical doctor can take a weekend crash-course in plastic surgery or injectables, and perform the procedure without actually receiving hands-on training or gaining the proper understanding of what’s needed to ensure the best results. That’s why it’s important to do you homework thoroughly before considering any procedure or choosing a doctor.

 “There is more to performing cosmetic surgery than just connecting the dots in an operation,” says Long Beach, CA, plastic surgeon James Wells, MD. “Plastic surgeons are trained to evaluate the patient and identify the appropriate operation for that patient.”

How to avoid the dangers:

Be careful of marketing terms that make a procedure seem like it is not surgery—when in reality it is.

Do your homework and select only a skilled injector or surgeon, who is either a board-certified dermatologist, plastic surgeon or facial plastic surgeon.

Always research the doctor that you’ve selected before having any procedures performed.

If an injectable, filler or laser is being used, make certain it is FDA-approved. Always ask to see the product (unopened) and check the bottle or machine for brand names and logos.

Make sure that you follow your doctor’s pre- and post-procedure instructions and that you are in optimal health before you undergo a procedure. 

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  • Susan SIlver
    Posted on

    I hade a facelift which also including,a brow lift,and chin tightening. At that time I lost a two inch section of hair,and had to wear a wig for 2 yrs. Then I went to my main objective,which was to remove excess skin from my lower eyes. This resulted in a scar I never had before,removal of fat from my eyes I did not request. At 62,I have the same problem I went out to resolve almost 15 yrs ago. Unfortunately at the time I attempted to some surgery, I used a Doc in your magazine. I have the originally New Beauty Copy. I love you guy's. But as much as I read,I have yet to read how it is best to handle excess skin under the eye. Can U Help?

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