Do You Need a Lip Lift?

Photo Credits: Thinkstock

I assure you, you’re not alone if you’ve never heard of a lip lift or lip shortening. But new research from a 22-year study suggests lip-shortening surgery should be an option for female patients during facial rejuvenation procedures.

"The length of the upper lip increases with age, and this is associated with thinning of the lip and insufficient coverage of the upper teeth,” says study author and ASPS Member Surgeon John E. Gatti, MD. According to Dr. Gatti, as people age (especially women), the lip usually lengthens, disrupting its sculpted look. Lip shortening surgery, or a lip lift, can restore the youthful shape to the lip.

What does the procedure entail? A small strip of skin at the base of the nose is removed and lip asymmetry is addressed by adjusting the amount of skin removed. But it’s not for everyone. “Plastic surgeons should carefully discuss the pros and cons of lip shortening surgery with their patients,” says Dr. Gatti. “I’ve found that the procedure can require minor revisions to correct scarring. However, lip shortening surgery does improve facial aesthetics and should be utilized by plastic surgeons to treat the aging face.”

Have you had a lip lift? Were you happy with your results?

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