Poll: Have You Tried Lash Enhancing Products?

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If you’re in a pinch and have limited time to apply your makeup, odds are you’re going to use mascara over other beauty products. That’s because long and full lashes are a trait that many women lust over. Perhaps that’s why we’ve always been a little jealous of Eva Longoria and Salma Hayek's flirty lashes.

The good news is if you have sparse lashes, you’re not stuck with them because there are many great products out there that can help. Alongside more instant, temporary methods like false eyelashes and eyelash extensions, there are also products like Latisse, RapidLash and LashFood, which promise to lengthen and thicken your lashes over time.

A recent study conducted by Latisse found an increase in overall eyelash prominence when measured on the Global Eyelash Assessment (GEA) scale after a treatment period of 16 weeks. The study also emphasized how important lengthy lashes are to the consumer (after all, they can help you look more youthful too). "These results underscore how important eyelashes are to patients. They have a pretty high expectation; they're expecting good results,” says study co-author Dee Anna Glaser, M.D.

So what about you? Have you tried any lash enhancing products? Tell us which product and if it worked for you in the comments below.

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  • Renee
    Posted on

    I have been using Elizabeth Arden' lash growth for abt 9 months. I have been very happy with it. It has grown my upper lashes back in & my eyebrows are not there yet, but they are much better than before. I have used 2 tubes. Each is $100. The salesperson said I could return it if I didn't like it for any reason so I saw no reason not to try it. I have had NO upper lashes for maybe 10 years. I know this might worry someone. I didn't worry abt it at all but started hearing how ladies had used Latisse with some really liking and some disliking it. I felt this was pretty foolproof. I have a history of allergies to some beauty lines & that was really my only concern. I didn't expect it to work so well!

  • Dorothy
    Posted on

    Would love to try the lash Enhancing products I have very fine thin hair an so is my lashes

  • Rhiannon
    Posted on

    I've used Latisse with pretty good results, but I recently discovered that you can actually boost the effect by using SmartLash along with it. I've noticed significantly more sustained grown and lash retention using this method. I apply the SmartLash first and let it dry. Then, I apply the Latisse. Before I tried this, the lower lashes on my right eye would all fall out at the same time and have difficulty growing back. Now, this doesn't happen. Ironically, I never had the issue with my right lower lashes, until I began using Latisse. I know this has not been clinically proven, but it has worked for me.

  • Laura
    Posted on

    I've been using SmartLash Eyelash Enhancer for about 6 months and had great results. I use Loreal Double Extend on the tips of my lashes to make them appear longer. In using it, I am able to better gauge the growth of lots of new lashes, as well as get the lengthening advantage. Both products with my collagen-enhanced mascara are visibly making a big improvement in my inherited sparse, short and practically transparent lashes. With age, I lost the pigment of my lashes. They do seem to be getting marginally darker, if at all. Best thing about my regimen: it matches my pocketbook and getting the SmartLash at only $30.00 a pop is guilt-free self indulgence.

  • Dortothy
    Posted on

    Have used latisse with excellent results. I have been using latisse.bz for about 2 years now. I dont mind looking into lilash if the price would be a little cheaper.

  • DeeAnn
    Posted on

    Have used Latisse with excellent results. I have light blue eyes and, fortunately, have not experienced any darkening or changes in my eye color. I started to see pretty dramatic results in about 3 weeks, achieving full effects by about 6 weeks. You only need to brush a very small amount on the upper lash at bedtime. If you apply too much, you may experience temporary redness and stinging. Even though my normally blonde lashes are a little darker (as well as longer and thicker), I still use mascara to darken them more. People often stop and ask, "are those your real lashes?" and "how do you get your lashes to look like that?". Latisse can be a little pricey but a tiny little bottle will last you several months... highly recommend.

  • Sweetie soodevi
    Posted on

    I used IDOL LASH eyelash enhancer, good result, slowly growing my lash. Thinking of trying latisse

  • Jennifer
    Posted on

    I LOVE lilash! It is wonderful. I have found that if I use everyday the lashes get REALLY really long and then all fall out at the same time and are really short. The best seems to be to use it every other day or 2 days apart. The tubes are expensive, but they go on sale a few times a year and you can get two for 1, and I have had they last up to a year.

  • rileydesigsinc
    Posted on

    Have used lilash and loved the results. Not only did we get longer lashes (top and bottom) but also thicker! But the expense was very concerning. We would not keep using it for a year (the same tube). We treat it like mascara and get rid of it every four to five months for our eye health. We than went to nutraluxe md have great results and the cost is minimal. It didnt give us the same results on our bottom lashes as lilash but the tops are beautiful.Two of us are getting ready to try lashfood...will let you know

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