Build Better Breasts With Stem Cells

Traditionally, breasts are augmented with either silicone or saline implants. And while the use of fat to augment the breasts is still being studied, stem cells may also be a way to enlarge them. “Fat grafting may be easier for reconstruction purposes because there is no breast tissue, and separated stem cells may make the procedure even that much easier,” says Beverly Hills, CA, plastic surgeon Renato Calabria, MD.

For Reconstruction
While the only current viable option for breast reconstruction is implants, stem cells may one day serve as a way to create bigger breasts. Fat injections are considered helpful in improving skin texture in the breast where there had been damage by radiation therapy to treat cancer. In Britain, trials are underway using fat-derived stem cells to restore breasts that had cancerous lumps removed. The procedure can only address fullness to some degree. And since only one-quarter of the extracted stem cells can be used, they must be mixed with fat to get a decent amount of concentrate. “You’re not going to be able to get a big size because you can only improve the breast by about one cup size,” explains Dr. Calabria.

For Augmentation
It is not yet known if fat transfer to the breasts with stem cells is feasible for those with healthy breasts seeking enlargement. “The studies are too limited as of now, and further investigation needs to be done to show what the benefits are for using fat-derived stem cells on those with healthy breasts,” says Boca Raton, FL, plastic surgeon Jason N. Pozner, MD. However, it is still not known whether the use of stem cells in the breast can increase the risk of breast cancer. Over in Tokyo, San Diego plastic surgeon Steven Cohen, MD reviewed the results of breast augmentation with fat-derived stem and regenerative cells. Some of the patients, who were three years post-surgery, showed excellent results for small volume augmentation. However, long-term data needs to be collected to prove its safety and efficacy.

Belly fat may not be that bad.
According to the journal Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, some areas of the body, like the lower abdomen and inner thighs, contain the greatest concentration of stem cells. When fat was removed from these areas with liposuction, it was found to contain more stem cells than fat tissues sourced from other parts of the body. The study concluded that the lower abdomen contains five times more stem cells than the upper abdomen.

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  • Dallass
    Posted on

    I had stem cells done on my breasts at the same time I had a Brazilian butt lift... In Dallas Texas in 2013. I was 29, in excellent health, and while the fat grafts turned out wonderfully for the butt lift, I cannot over emphasize how much I regret doing the breast stem cell/fat graft. I didn't want the same old Tupperware tatas that every girl in Dallas has and I was,satisfied,with the shape and look of mine naturally. I just wanted a little extra volume - they can only go up about a cup at a time. They were awesome for about two weeks, I went to stay with my family a few hours away at that point, the breasts slowly started to reject the fat transfer (it turns out females most likely have a third type of fat in their body in addition to the white adipose tissue used in fat transfer, brown fat that keeps you warm/protects you as infant/burns white adipose tissue. Mammary tissue is most likely a pink fat from what I have since read. My doctor had warned me that it was about 50/50 that it would be successful (some had, sometimes that fat didn't survive the three months). What happened with me was a bit more scary than just losing ten grand, my body started rejecting the fat after a few weeks, and instead of the stem cells causing the fat to reproduce in that location, the stem cells made the infection reproduce at a freakishly rapid rate. I had to go through a number of progressively disgusting procedures before eventually being put on iv antibiotics. Then I had to have scr tissue and cysts within the breast tissue broken up, there is a hyaluronic acid filler that gives similar results (one cup size, adds fullness and youthfulness) that is out now and FDA approved for breast tissue. Mine look fine now, thank god, but in my experience - I would recommend that you use your harvested fat for dermal fillers like lips, hands, nasolabial folds, cheeks, etc. Or even better, get the Brazilian butt lift. You won't be upset with those results at all!!

  • Curious
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    How can one participate in a trial breast augmentation through fat and stem cells?

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