Scarlett Johansson, From Breakouts to Bombshell

Photo Credits: Getty

Scarlett Johansson is on top of her game, landing the best roles in Hollywood and looking sexier and sexier each day. It’s safe to say she is one of the hottest actresses in Hollywood, but just because she is a swan now, doesn't mean she hasn’t had to pick her own beauty battles in the past.  

Johansson, like many young starlets in the public eye, has breakouts. To battle her acne, she has a couple of skin-care rules she always follows: Never go to sleep with your makeup on, clean your makeup brushes religiously and use pore-clarifying masks on a regular basis. One of her touted favorites is the Jurlique Purifying Mask ($39). When she does have a swollen blemish, she turns to her freezer for anything cold to compress on it before she hits the red carpet. 

While these are good measures to prevent breakouts, there are other star-approved methods you can get to fight blemishes. Many celebrities trust light-based acne treatments to harness the power of light and safely and painlessly treat inflammatory acne. Blue lights, red lights and radio frequency can all help alleviate mild to severe acne.

Also, to address breakouts a couple weeks before a big event, light- to medium-strength chemical peels have been a staple in most aestheticians’ and dermatologists' arsenals for years as they work wonders to clear the skin.

With the help of her over-the-counter methods and beauty treatments, Johansson has gone from breakout star to bombshell in no time flat.

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