If You Get One Nose Job, You Might Get Another

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We've heard that with breast implants, one surgery often doesn't suffice over the entirety of a lifetime. However, we often don't think about whether or not other cosmetic procedures will need updates or tweaks over the years too. In a recent report in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the official medical journal of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), Nashua, NH, plastic surgeon Mark Constantian, MD, found that most patients who seek a repeated cosmetic nose surgery do so because of new or uncorrected deformities-similar to the reasons for patients undergoing their first nose job.

And in most cases, a second nose job is appropriate. For 41 percent of patients involved in the research, the reason for another nose job was the development of a new deformity—for instance, a previously straight nose that had become crooked. And in 33 percent, the first nose job failed to correct the original deformity. Another 15 percent of patients sought correction as they thought that their new nose lost their desired "personal, familial, or ethnic characteristics."

And it's important to point out these patients seeking multiple nose surgeries aren't patients with body dysmophic disorder—a mental illness that involves obsessive preoccupation with a perceived "problem" in one's appearance. The report suggests that 90 percent of patients studied have appropriate cosmetic or functional reasons for repeat rhinoplasty. Nearly three-fourths of the patients in this study had deformities that either developed after or weren't corrected by the original surgery. "To these patients, the first operation had either been wasted or had done harm," says Dr. Constantian.

Have you had a nose job? If so, were you satisfied with the result?

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  • anon
    Posted on

    I had a nose job two years ago to round out the tip of my nose and I am considering getting a second operation done because I now have asymmetrical nostrils and my nose is crooked,

  • Michael Schwartz Michael Schwartz
    Posted on

    Rhinoplasty is not meant to be a "two stage operation". It is commonly referred to as the most difficult of plastic surgery procedures because of this challenge. Getting it right starts the moment you first see the patient. An accurate assessment of the anatomy and dynamics of the individual nose, understanding the patients goals and then creating and executing a plan to accomplish it are crucial to success. A good rhinoplasty surgeon is always learning throughout his career to meet this standard.

  • Dr. Richard Arabitg
    Posted on

    I often times have patients come in that have experienced some sort of botched procedure out of the country, including both rhinoplasty and other procedures. Quality is the most important part to any procedure, especially with anything involving the face. I take both English and Spanish speaking patients at my practice and stress the importance of communication between the patient and the surgeon before any procedure.

  • Nina
    Posted on

    I had a nose job done 2 years ago with a so proclaimed rhinoplasty expert. I was looking forward to the removal of a hump I had. Well the hump is gone but was left with asymmetrical nostrils. I feel people can notice this when looking directly at me, makes me feel horrible. I'm considering revision but what if it turns out worse.

  • Anon.
    Posted on

    I had a nose job five years ago and it still looks great. But I know one woman who had two surgeries because she still saw a "bump"... although I didn't notice. The most important thing is to be very specific and talk to your doctor aout what you want in detail before the procedure.

  • Contemplating patient
    Posted on

    Why can new deformities develop when one has a nose job?

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